Version number for Ecwid stacks

Hi there, how can I find the version number of the latest version of the Ecwid stacks? Thanks!

Hi @rob.beattie,

Latest version of the Ecwid Stacks is 1.1.7

My version numbers vary stack by stack.

Advanced Store - 1.1.0
Categories Menu - 1.0.9
Customiser - 1.1.5
Font - 1.0.6
Product, Search, Cart and Redirect - 1.0.9
Store - 1.0.8

How does this fit in with your version number1.1.7 and where do I go to find this out in future?



Hi @rob.beattie,

Those versions are correct, I used to change the version of each stack, now I update the change log and do the same version for all stacks in the bundle. I might do an interim update of the stacks before releasing v2, and correct that issue.


Thanks, but maybe I’m not being clear. How do I ensure I have the latest versions of the stacks?

Where is that information available?



Hi Rob,

All my stacks will self update, only my original pre-release of the Ecwid Stacks did not. So, I’m confident that you have the latest version.

That’s great. Thanks.