Video on mobile devices

Am I correct to believe that there are no RW background video stacks that will work on mobile devices?


It’s not just a RapidWeaver thing. Mobile OS’s (iOS and android) won’t allow auto play. A background that would require the user to hit play just doesn’t work.

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Sections Pro can play background videos…

Hmm… I am not too sure about that. I guess it is technically possible currently with HTML5 video, and the video must be muted or no audio track available. Seems this was added in iOS 10.

Maybe @doobox can check if it’s possible to update his Play Stack ?

And I found this:

Cheers, Jannis

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Autoplay background videos will work on ios, the same on Android, but you will need to disable sound. If you want sound, he user must click to play.

At least, that was the situation the last time I looked into it. Certainly this site, and many others of mine, have video background headers courtesy of Section Pro and they are working fine on Android, not on the office so can’t check ios but no reason to suspect they don’t autoplay on that platform.

Edit : posted at the same time as Jannis, so excuse the repeated sound advice!

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That’s what I was picking up from everything. A mobile thing. Member Basswow suggested Sections Pro but I’m skeptical for the reasons you mentioned. But might try it anyway.
Thanks, Let you know.


Thank you Steveb. Definitely will try it now (without audio).

Yes, seems @tav added this to sections pro last year. Looks great!


  1. You have to add a LAYER BACKGROUND

  2. Click the top right VIDEO button


Thank you Basswow! Works just as you said. perfectly. Fast and responsive.
Thanks to you and the other members of this new forum!


And especially thanks to you Big White Duck for this amazing set of stacks!


Glad its useful


Thanks @Basswow and @tav for the Sections-pro tip and creation.

I’ve tried Sections-pro video layer and it works almost perfect.
except the following :

The layer-background video is placed inside an centered column-stack (foundation) and is displayed correctly on my desktop but is played in full-width on my iphone. The video is even streched outside my column stack from side to side and lays over my columnstack.

How can i arrange this to play on mobile inside the column it is placed in??

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SectionsPro (or its video) will not go outside the bounds of your Foundation 1 column - it is not even possible to make it do that if you wanted to.

Yes they do. Only on mobile. on my desktop it’s perfect. I can’t show you the link to the site because the original site is live, so i didn’t upload the video-version yet. Will create an hidden page in my site to test. (this should be ready tomorrow). Have an birthday party now.

Put a lairs atyles and a 1 col on a page.
Inside out a Sections Pro with a video child.
Preview that and if it expands beyond the 1 col then send me the project file

Here is a project file demonstrating exactly the above:

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thanks sofar for your very quick help. Don’t have time now to test. Let you hear the results tonight !

Thanks for now.

No problem. Technically, Sections is position relative and so cannot go outside it’s container.

If your page has something on it that is breaking the CSS then it could conceivably mess it up.

If this is the case then it is just a case of working out what is breaking the page. I can either look at a simplified project that shows the problem or a published test page but most likely you will find the problem by a simple process of elimination

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