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A question about Video Stack by @doobox , do you know if it’s able to start a Vimeo video from a specific moment in the video?
Currently I use the code that generates Vimeo setting the minute/second where I want to start and it works.
I would like to buy Video Stack to simplify but if, for example, I would like a Vimeo video to start at the second minute and 20 seconds?
Is there a setting?
Is he able to do it?

Yes, I’ve just done a test and as far as I can see — without publishing the page — it works. Just bear in mind that the ‘embed’ code you need in the Video Stack for Vimeo and Youtube is just the reference number (not the full URL). I tested 827357437#t=10s and it worked in Preview.

(It’s a very nice stack, BTW. Simple, performant, and elegant — my go-to for video.)

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thank you very much

@jamessouttar and @Lukh Doobox makes wonderful stacks. But I was not able to get the start time approach James suggests working in preview or when published. I do get the video at the start. (I was using a different video.)

However, if the Video stack works for you, more power to you!

A stack I use for similar reasons is the Utube stack at Stacks4Stacks. It’s a free stack (weirdly enough). The stack allows for start times and end times. It also allows you to create playlists. However, it won’t allow you to create a playlist with specific start/end times for the various videos you’d use.

Another difference, the doobox Video stack requires you to add an image. In certain cases this is a big plus. The stacks4stacks Utube stack only uses the preview image supplied by YouTube or Vimeo.

Here’s the link if you want to try Utube:

It works perfectly, with #t=ms I can set the start.
It’s a pity that you don’t initialize in “Raincheck” to manage privacy (but this doesn’t depend on Video @doobox , but you could, I think, make it compatible) and unfortunately you have to resort to the dnt=true parameter, losing all the information from the statistics.

I bought it, it works great, it’s a great stack… but I can’t use it for my way of setting up videos on pages, because of privacy:
or set to let in all cookies, or set to lose all statistics.

I will continue to embed Vimeo’s code, unless Video Stack is made compatible in Rainchek.

Thank you @jamessouttar

uTube does work with Raincheck, but it doesn’t work with Vimeo.

Yes, that’s true it seems. But if @Lukh is willing to move relevant videos from Vimeo to YT (typically easy to do) then he has a solution. Not exactly what he was looking for, but it seems a reasonable compromise given everything.

… of course the other thing @Lukh can do is email @willwood (or private message him) to see if it would be easy to add Vimeo or add vimeo as a custom paid-for option.

Solved in:

Then inserting your suggestion, i.e. #t=ms, in the Vimeo video ID
Thanks again @jamessouttar

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