Videowall issue

For some reason Videowall has stopped showing on the page it used to show here:

underneath the heading Video Gallery where all that now shows is the player area.

However it still works fine in RW Preview as you can see in the screenshot below:

I have tried republishing the page in RW but it still doesn’t show.

This might help?

@Ruyton Thanks but I’m using Youtube.

You appear to have some errors on the page related to jQuery and/or some sociai-feed.js.

So this looks like a JS conflict probably with the 3rd party (non Source) stacks that use jQuery.

Ruyton’s link details removing 2 stacks with the name SocialFeed in them, so it might be worth following his Vimeo advice that may also apply to YouTube walls.

Alternatively, you could try reverting to theh previous version of VideoWall if possible.

@Webdeersign I have just upped the php to 8.2 as JW thought this might fix it, but it didn’t. I have even created a stripped down version to test it here:
and as you can see nothing appears.
I tried removing the files named socialfeed in them but it made no difference. I’ll have to see if I can get an older version fromJW.

Source doesn’t load iQuery, but if a stack requires it you can add the Source jQuery stack. That might be worth trying.

I decided instead to use Stacks4Stacks ProGallery 3 (Youtube option) which works flawlessly without any issues

That’s good to know. Glad you found a working alternative stack.

@Webdeersign I did downgrade Videowall to the previous version and it works again in Preview but not when published.

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