Videowall Youtube Playlists: Broken?

Anyone using Videowall still have Playlists from Youtube still working?

Got a report of a client page not working yesterday, checked some of mine, and none now working when pulling from a YT playlist.

I tried to check Joes support forum, but it requires you to signup to use the search, WTF??? I looked over the Weaverspace site, but failed to find anything, then my eyes started to bleed so had to stop ;-)


Yup same here

Balls, was hoping it was just me!

Suspect this is an API thing, with Google now wanting to charge for it etc.

Here you go Add the API to VW.


It’s not a lot of work to get a key. By the time you hit the limit where you’d need to pay, you’re probably making enough not to worry about it.

I posted this over there, if there’s any chance to avoid the API way, I’d be glad…

Unfortunately, you’ll need an API key. It’s not something Joe can control. It’s a constraint imposed by Google.

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Ok Bret,
Thanks for the clarification!

…off to work…(~20 API’s) 🙈

The details about the Video Wall update are here…

You can also find them on that Video Wall product page under the updates section.

@steveb Nice to see that you still have class. 😘

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Classy and honest, Joe. You’ve known me long enough now to know I speak my mind; I’m not one of those sycophants who say what people want to hear. And as for Videowall, you know I love it and have recommended it to many.

My comment about the WS space is just an opinion, which I recall making to you when it launched. My comment regards having to signup for an account to search your support forum is an observation, and IMO it’s daft.

Back on topic: Any Vimeo experts on here? I have a paid for account but almost never use it. Can I add users and let clients upload to it, then pull those into Videowall?


Do you have any up to date instructions? I can not for the life of me get Vimeo channels, or user videos, or anything to do with Vimeo to appear.

Does not sound like out of date instructions. Probably Vimeo changing some things on their end. Shoot in an email with details and I will look into it.

Eh? Who mentioned out of date instructions? I’m just looking for some instructions. I only said “up to date” so as to cover the new version/release.