Vim for RapidWeaver [Review]

Vimeo™ has slowly grown to be almost as popular a video sharing website as Youtube™. Users with Vimeo™ ‘Pro’ accounts are able to embed high-resolution (e.g. 4k) video into their websites and can also inspect their viewing statistics.

Stacks4Stacks’ new (free) VimStack makes it simple to quickly and safely embed a Vimeo™ video within a RapidWeaver webpage.

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I love Vimeo. It’s great and always has been. It’s been on the front page of the YourHead website for years and I am a paying member. But it is not nearly as popular as YouTube. From what I’ve found Vimeo is about 10% - 15% of the number of viewers and the number of paying members is an even smaller percentage.

They’re a great underdog. And I love them for that even more. :-)