Vimeo in Limelight Lightbox

Is it possible to trick Limelight Lightbox to auto close after playing a Vimeo video?

No sorry, I’m afraid there is no way of knowing when the video has finished playing.

The only way to do this would be with a Vimeo Pro account and accessing the video via the API

Limelight uses the simple free approach as most people wouldn’t want to pay for Vimeo.

Thanks, Andrew! I have a Vimeo Pro account. I’ll try to figure out how to do that. The main reason being Vimeo offers analytics, whereas tracking self-hosted videos seems a bit complicated.

I do know a couple of people who have used Vimeo Pro in a limelight stacks child by using the embed code that Vimeo supplies.

If you want to go down this route and can certainly help in trying to tie in the Vimeo callback on video end to Limelight.

Obviously most RW users would not pay for a Vimeo Pro account and so it was never realistic to make a dedicated limelight child stack.

I am in the process of moving house so I will be mostly offline for the next fortnight but let me know if there is anything I can help with.

I’d be interested also in any solution you come with for this. I use Vimeo Pro and Limelight for displaying videos on my site too.

Well, if there is sufficient interest perhaps I should make a VimeoPro child for Limelight. I am in the process of re-writing LL for version 2 so that would be a good time to add it.

Today though, I am finally moving house after being in an AirBNB for 5 months so it will be a couple of weeks before I’m back and able to look at these things.

Perhaps we can set up a little specification/ideas/test collaboration when I’m back so that the stack can satisfy the needs of professional film makers / cinematographers more adequately. I’m certainly very happy to build this into Limelight 2 if its possible.


Excellent idea. Good luck with the move.

I am definitely interested! Thanks

Count me in! I have not one, but two Vimeo pro accounts!

Hope your move went smoothly. I, too, would be interested in contributing to any testing that will help.

Hello, Andrew. I am attempting to change over all my video child Limelight boxes (using Vimeo) so they will close at end of video. If I use the stacks child and choose HTML stack is there some html I can add to the Vimeo embed code to get the Limelight box to close? Otherwise, can you think of another stack I could use to accomplish this?


I presume that if you want to change over to using the Stacks child then it is because you plan to use the Vimeo API in which case it will provide you with an ended callback. You can then close the Limelight just by triggering a click event on its close class (see trigger classes in edit mode)

var player = new Vimeo.Player(iframe);
    player.on('ended', function() {

Note that this is just the ended callback - you will need to insert all the appropriate vimeo scripts etc as per the instructions on the Vimeo website.

A simple inline embed code will not work - that is what the Limelight Vimeo child uses, you will need to use the Vimeo API

Thanks for the reply. The Vimeo API is way over my head. I would prefer to use the Vimeo child but I believe there is no current trigger to close the Limelight box automatically.

The only thing that you can do without using the Vimeo API is to provide the user with a defined “end screen” in the video settings which can contain a call to action button if required. There is no way to send a message to the parent page indicating that the video has finished playing.

This is of course easily possible with self hosted video, it is just an issue when using embedded videos from 3rd party sources and without API control.

Thanks Andrew, I have considered the “end Screen” option. Sounds like the best solution.