Vimeo in limelight

Im using lime light in rw 8.01,
All is good and works as it should apart from this
The Vimeo video launches correctly
the preview shows
when i press play the sound is there but the screen is blank/ dark no film
Going back one step, if i press the expand to full screen icon ( the four arrows ), then play it the video plays ok with image and sound.
I haven’t left the players on the site for now but can put them into a page somewhere if you want to see it.

Just not sure why this is happening. Ive used a replacement video light box stack and it works with that ok

If you could show me a url or send me a cut down project file with just the problematic limelight in it then I would love to take a look.

ok great , heres the address
if you scroll to the botton of the home page I’ve put a test link.
I double tested it again and unless I’m being really dim it still previewed and when played the screen is dark until the expand is pressed. Sorry i forgot to say , this when its on a mobile

It works on my iPhone X

and plays with the video !? no expanding to get it to show ?
Ok thats good it works there , will do more checks .

oh well , i guess somethings up on my phone. The left image shows the preview and the right shows the vid playing ( or not ) but with sound on unless the expand is pressed. Thanks for looking though , ill check it on my wife phone tonight . Cheers Leigh

Yes, it worked as expected. I didn’t have to use the Vimeo expand to full screen to get it to play.

We’re your problems on iOS or Android?

Iphone 5. But ill have a look at other phones to check :) thank you once again for your time.