Vimeo Live Streaming?

Hi all,

My background is live conferences and events and I am starting to look at doing my own landing pages for Vimeo Live to be embedded into the page.

Has anyone made any for this purpose on Rapidweaver?

I possibly need to do a countdown timer on the page, and also option to lock the page up too or have certain pages passworded.

The site’s i am looking at will have at times up to 1,000 -2,000 people watching and bigger ones up to 5,000 people (hosting is sorted for this)

Thanks all.

Hi Adiej,

Not sure on the Vimeo Live but for a simple but effective countdown solution check out Stacks4Stacks Stopwatch stack

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Thank you, I have had a look - looks good, i wonder if I can style this at all ?

I’ve styled the colour of it before, there’s also a few built in options