VMware Vs Parallels Vs AN.other?


I run Windows 10/Outlook 2010 on my desktop and Mojave/Outlook 2016 on my MBP. They look and act almost exactly the same, as does Outlook for iPhone. It took Microsoft long enough, but I can honestly say that even meetings & contacts shared across the platforms work flawlessly. I can schedule a meeting from Outlook for Mac with coworkers using Windows without any issues (and can even see their schedules). Even Microsoft Teams works flawlessly across platforms.


I think Steve wants to run Outlook on Windows for testing email campaigns. In regards to rendering HTML emails, Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows can render things noticeably different.

Personally, I use Parallels on my MBP for testing email designs before deployment. It allows me to have different versions of Windows/different versions of Outlook installed and can select which I boot/run.


Yep, what he said.



I’m actually up and running, albeit with Parallels. Turns out my copy of Office 2016 was corrupt, so the install was failing. Re-downloaded it and it’s all now good, working surprisingly well in the VM on a 2009 iMac.

If I decide to go this route longterm and activate my copy of W10, i will try VB again.

Thanks for the help folks.


I see Microsoft has announced it is sun-setting Windows 7 a year from now:

Mac-based web developers will also have access to Edge for testing, without needing to install Windoze:

And the icing on the cake is that Microsoft is ditching the Trident / Edge rendering engine, in favour of Blink (out of Chromium):

How ironic that Blink is derived from WebKit - used in Safari and RapidWeaver preview!

That should make our jobs slightly easier. Though I admit testing email templates in Outlook will still be a PITA.

My guess is that there’s been so many rapid advancements in the CSS spec and frameworks like React, Microsoft have surrendered to the fact they can’t keep-up any more with the rate of progress. Clearly it is no longer viable for them to keep developing a propriety, closed-source rendering engine. Opensource for the win!


After getting everything setup in Parallels I thought I’d come back to this and try VB, sadly after repeated attempts and following all the online guides I could find, it just wouldn’t work.

I tried with Win1032, 64 and a couple of different variants, but in the end I kept getting to a “something went wrong” screen.

I’m not sure there is anyway to help on this remotely, but if anyone has any ideas, I’m all ears.

I can say that in the install and setup process VP puts far less load on the processor, so if I can get it to work, it would be preferable to Para.


I accidentally auto-renewed my Parallels sub. I find Virtual Box quicker and it can import all these ready-made VMs. You can do that with Parallels but they don’t always (or, indeed, often) work. Parallels has far less choice of their own VMs and they’re often rather old versions. If you have a Linux VM and you update it, the chances are it will break in Parallels. However, Parallels has got quite a lot faster. Unfortunately, when I updated Parallels it scrambled my Windows 10 and I can’t find the licence. Although Parallels and Virtual Box are slower than running Windows using Bootcamp, the advantage of running several OSs at once is very useful (to me, at least). @steveb I’ve installed Windows 10 many times on VB without problems, so keep trying!


FYI I installed Bootcamp on Mojave yesterday and it wouldn’t work until the Win10.iso was loaded onto a USB even though Apple claims that is not a requirement on recent iMacs. It then installed but there is no WiFi driver included, so you have to connect via ethernet to download the WiFi driver via the Windows 10 Apple Updater which does not appear to auto run. Another small task that ended up be a long one.


I tried and tried and tried getting VB to work with Win10, failed. It installed it OK, or at least appeared to, but W10 kept failing towards the end of setup. I tried several windows iso’s and all hit the same issue. I tried them with Parallels and they installed fine.

Regards speed, I read in almost all reviews that P14 is way faster than older version. I’ve not used Parallels since a long long time ago, over ten years I’d say, so I’ve no idea how much faster 14 is over 13, but the reviews say lots.

To cap it all, I saw that Parallels is often on a deal, so I emailed them, and they immediately offered me 50% off the one time purchase package, so we’re all good here now.