Wall Stack FB problem

Hi @yuzoolthemes, Michael. I’m having a problem with a site that uses your wall stack to load facebook posts. Currently nothing is loading. I believe this is something to do with FB changing their settings yet again, however I can’t admin it here as I’m using the settings you set up in the demo stack as advised.

Is this something you need to fix at your end or if not, can you direct me to (current) instructions on how to fix it myself, bearing in mind it’s on a clients website so I don’t have his FB credentials to log in etc.


Apparently Facebook had a change on September 4th.
I don’t use the Wall stack and don’t even have any social media accounts other than to test with but so a post about it here:

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Cheers Doug,

That’s the issue. I’ll see if I can work it out. My problem is that I use app keys set up by Michael and not those of my client (as he wouldn’t know to do it). I’ll have to look into how to set up keys myself for the clients feed. Somebody must have a tutorial so I’ll try google.


OK, I’ve read the docs that come with Wall Stack and they are out of date so I’m not sure what to do. For starters there’s no HTML Facebook App anymore and nothing that seems similar, so I don’t know how to get the app key and secret key to make wall stack work. Bearing in mind that it’s not my FB account I need to get working…

FB generally are a PITA! Grrrrr…

Any ideas what I can do to get back up and running Michael?


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I having the same problem. The wall stack facebook portion is not working. Both on my site and on your demo wall site. Please advise.

You should have received emails from Facebook warning you of a change around September 4th. It should include a link to your developer page where you have to provide lots of information including an icon for the app and a privacy policy link. Not quite as easy as I used to be but not impossible.

Facebook, Twitter etc do not want THEIR content being viewed anywhere other than their sites.
If the dev of this stack finds and implements a fix then it’ll ‘mysteriously’ break again in a few months.
I strongly suggest you look at alternatives to embedding T/F on any webpage, you’re only making a rod for your own back.

It’s not an issue with the wall stack itself. On September 4, Facebook changed the requirements for these type of apps. You now need to verify the business for which you are trying to display the newsfeeds, then you must submit in the developer site (where you created the app credentials for that client) and get ‘manage_pages’ permission request etc.

I just had to do all that for four websites using live FB newsfeeds.

I hope that this helps.


Problem is I never created an app and haven’t used a developer page. The wall stack allows you to just put a FB url of the page and the stack generates the output using its own settings.
So no messages, no app, no clue what to do now . :-(

I’ll revert back to a simple feed and ditch the wall stack for now.