Weaver's Space Summit is 3 weeks away

October 18-20 2019

The Weaver’s Space summit is a virtual conference designed just for you. You get to attend from the comfort of your home or office.

This is our 4th year holding the conference. We have 18 talks over three days. The speaker list is definitely one of the best lineups that we have ever had.

Why should you attend?

You will learn all aspects of designing websites and starting a web design business. You will learn from the developers that make your favorite addons, fellow RapidWeaver users that have been crushing it, and experts from outside of the RapidWeaver community. You will learn all of the skills that you need in order to take your websites and businesses to a new level.

The Weaver’s Space Summit has something special that I have not seen in any other online conference. We have lunch time and end of day hangouts. These are live video group chats that allow you to interact with your fellow attendees and speakers. Just like you would in a real life conference.

Access to all replays

When you book your tickets, you will also get access to all 45 videos from previous years’ conferences. You can start watching those today.

You will also get access to all conference session recordings after the conference has completed. This is important in case you miss some of the talks.

Exclusive access Foundation 6

All attendees will be the first to be able to purchase Foundation 6 before it’s released to the rest of the world. If you have been following my newsletters, you will know that I have been working really hard to get ti done before the conference. Its going to rock your world!