Weavium Kalendar and RWML


@weavium.plugins, @willwood

I am building a private website being available in multiple languages, and the RWML stacks are the well-suited building blocks to accomplish this task. However, I ran into an issue when using the Kalendar stack from Weavium to display events.

I have multiple Kalendar stacks each enclosed in a RWML wrapper, and they display properly according to the language setting. Except the events are only shown in the one calendar module, that was defined last in the RW project. I am aware that such a problem might fall through the cracks right in between the two stacks used, but I still have hope, someone can help me out - I might be simply doing something wrong ;)

Please have a look at the example website that I have setup to demonstrate the issue: Https://kalendar.michiworld.com

Thank you so much, Gerd