Web Hosting

Just wondering who you guys are using, and why? Things of interest to me are:

  • speed
  • email bandwidth (number per hour)
  • value


As the saying goes, pick any two if those as you won’t get all three.

I partnered with a local business with servers in London. The owner live opposite me, so that’s handy. Great service and fast servers, but expensive.

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Chillidog is used by many in and around here.

Yes… looking for alternatives…

My motto is: NEVER USE BIG BEHEMOTS. They suck! Especially when you need help.

So, I chose a small hoster VeeroTech Systems, based in North Carolina. They offer more features than I can ever use, they’re inexpensive and they are always quick to answer my tickets. Check them out, especially if you are in North America…


You could use a Swiss Hosting like:


…it’s Swiss so the laws are quite “liberal” compared to EU and USA 😉


My favourite is AWS. For web hosting I use their Lightsail and for e-mail SES. Both are excellent value for money. SES I have currently 50.000 e-mails per day at a rate of 14/sec.

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Thanks juergen, is AWS SES easy enough to set up? I just need to send from regular mail clients. Thanks!

Well, that might be the weak point of SES. You have to get it out of “Sandbox” mode via a support request. While this should not be difficult, it is a hurdle. But once that’s done, the setup procedure is like with any other e-mail service.

Another alternative could be SendGrid. They have a free tier which allows you to send 1.000 e-mails per day and setup is a breeze.