Web surveillance in the UK

Since many (probably most) users of this forum are British, they might be interested in this story (not related specifically to RW or web development but relevant to anyone using internet):

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Hope it complies with GDPR…

That would be the day…😃

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The UK is getting one step closer to becoming Airstrip One.

Does a VPN add any protection?

And you think this doesn’t happen in other countries already?

Theoretically, yes. But when you deal with a government agency, especially when there is no lawful oversight, anything is possible.

All governments are trying to expand their surveillance techniques and suppress people’s access to information about the extent of spying on them.

I see that this topic gains at least some moderate interest here. Privacy and security of websites should be a major goal of all of us. Simply put, in my personal view, there is no other aspect of web developing more important than those two factors. That’s why I am trying to be up-to-date.

But it’s not just web development. Privacy and security involves all kinds of data and information stored and/or transmitted by all kinds of devices, from web browsers to email, to networks, to routers, to door cameras, to Alexa, to car entertainment systems and even to smart refrigerators and washers.

Here is another story, this time from the land across the pond:

By the way, if you are interested in keeping your data safe on internet, it would be worth your while to check out everything that the Swiss Proton company has to offer (read their blog).

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But are they not subject to the laws of their own country? If Switzerland has a data sharing agreement with other nations will this not circumvent proton’s privacy?

According to information on Proton website, all their servers are located in Switzerland. That country has strict data privacy laws. Only a specific court order (Swiss court) can make Proton to disclose any information pertaining to a specific case (no blanket warrants, like in other countries).

Proton offers not only end-to-end encrypted email, but also a calendar, a cloud storage and a VPN. They are a relatively young company. They gradually add features after thoroughly testing them in betas. They have paid and free plans.

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