Web Yep Commercial version

anyone point me to where I can buy this please. Stuck with the standard editor and want to try Redactor - see if that will solve the problem.

AFAIK you need to contact max.izzat@googlemail.com who is the lead developer on WebYep.

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thanks I looked at the GitHub site ( ?? ) but was looking to buy it

As weird as I find it, you appear to have to contact Max using his email to enquire about buying the commercial version.

bought it - thx all

What did it cost out of interest, and what do you get?

I donated and its the same as the standard but comes with the Redactor rich text editor - which I wanted and all works straight out box really.
plus its a great program and I’ve used it on and off for years - so happy to send a donation. I know how hard these guys work on this stuff, and I know very few ppl donate.

Thanks. That’s good to know.

Keep us posted how you find it compared to the non commercial version.

spent quite a few hours with it now , I didn’t realise that it’s so versatile, a client can create new’pages’ themselves from the template you create and then link to that page from other WebYep pages. So a customer asked to be able to make their own tribute pages themselves , this allows them to log in make a new page ( which is content replacement not an actual page as such ) create a link and / or a menu and off they go . The main difference in Commercial Web Yep itself is that you dont need to select the rich text editor as it works straight out the box. Plus I believe the commercial version allows file uploads but you would have to double check that, 10 out 10 from this happy bunny.