WebP Images in RapidWeaver [Review]

In 2012 an average webpage was over 1200kB in size and 60% of that was in images. It’s unlikely that RapidWeaver pages have become any smaller in the meantime. With all the focus on performance and speed across the web performance industry, you would think that innovating on better image formats would be a top agenda item. WebP was developed in 2010, but the .png saga (not to mention SVG) will remind us that ‘new’ image formats aren’t readily accepted by the browser developers. It has taken until now for developers to begin to come to terms with this WebP.

Will Woodgate/Stacks4Stacks has just released the WebPStack that makes it easy to add WebP images as resources or warehoused images in Stacks.

Read more at: https://rw-ninja.news/WebP


I wouldn’t want to use WebP images until there is support in Safari. On the other hand, if we hold back until there is better browser support, perhaps we’ll never get it! One could offer images in WebP format for non-Safari browsers and HEIC or PNG images for Safari – but imagine how much work that would be!