Webp support on Image Fit stack

A year ago I posted a question like this, after some time I try to rephrase the question for an update:
For [Image Fit] stack, is it possible to have webp format support?

It would be very useful for me who exclusively use the webp format.

I can drag a webp image into the ImageFit stack, and it shows in preview - are you sure it doesn’t work ?

Using WebP Images with Fallback

The Image Plus stack is the one to use for webP support.

If your were wanting to restrict the height of the images (like you can do with Image Fit) then one option would be to use the Image Plus stack (set to ‘Display: Fill space’) inside a grid item of Grid Plus Pro with the parent grid set to whatever height you want to the height restricted to (you could add multiple breakpoints if you wanted different heights for different device sizes). Hope that makes sense?


Perfect, great solution.
I’ve already tried it and it’s great.
Thank you.

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