Website 4 client online - please check w android and give feedback

Hi all,
it is the first time I built a website for a client using @tav sections and scribe stack (according to @steveb) trying to make the page as “light” as possible.
Header is Joe Workmans Impact. I built two navigations for desktop and mobile using dropdown (BWD) and scrolling to anchors.

Can someone please check if everything is working on an android device and looking good?
My resources to android/windows are limited, sorry.
Sorry - text and nav all in german… site is

Thanks a lot in advance for giving feedback!


Afternoon, all working fine on Android here, but, other than the mixed visual appearance of the menu toggles to open and close (a real bug-bear of mine) you have other issues with your menu.

From what I can make out menu item 1 loads the load homepage. Menu items 2 and 3 scroll to sections on page 1. Menu 4 opens a new page. But, this new page uses the same menu, so while menu item 1 works (links to the homepage) items 2 & 3 now link to sections on a different page, so no longer work.

You need to change the links for items 2 & 3 to include the page AND the anchor on said page.

So, item 2 should be /pagename#anchorname

Only other thing I’d also do is style the open and close menu buttons (hamburger) the same.

Thanks Steve,
yes - that comes with building own menus and mixing stacks and partials and unfold partials…
Fixed it now - should be could to work as supposed.
One of my favorites is to have a lot of stuff on the (first/home-) page with a menu to scroll and then put other stuff on other sites.
Haven’t found a “standard” menu stack which can do this easily - especially with switching from desktop/pad to mobile.
Glad I make only websites with 4-5 pages of content though.
Style of hamburger comes with pop drop from tav. Have to check how I could change this.

Thanks a lot for checking - can sleep better now. If you are ever in Germany - we have good beer… but you know that. Owe you one.


At the moment you have page links and anchor links in the same menu with no way to differentiate them. This (IMO) will only lead to confusion for the user, and confused users typically move on pretty quick.

PopDrop Menu styles by default the open and close button the same; Tav is more anal about consistancy than me! So I’m thinking you must have changed them in settings to make them look different.

When it comes to beer, I drink Guinness. But cheers for the offer.


On your site some google codes are not set properly as you can see beneath the menu:

Danke Jan
das ist meine eigene Website (der Schuster hat die schlechtesten Schuhe…)
I have to repair this … I know.

I meant to please check


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BTW- Between about 770 and 820 you have no menu: The main menu is hidden below 820 but the mobile one doesn’t kick in until about 770.

Thanks Steve,

will check and fix it.