Website not updating on iPhone

Is there any reason my website isn’t updating on my iPhone? If I manually clear the cache everything is fine, but obviously your average visitor won’t be doing that.

I’ve even tried deleting all the files from the folder and re-publishing all files, but that still doesn’t seem to work on my phone.

The site is a work in progress and isn’t in its final hosted destination yet, so I’m hoping that everything will be fine then, but I just wondered if there’s anything obvious I might have missed.

That’s the issue here. Your iPhone is storing a cache or snapshot of your web site and when you update the site, the iPhone uses the cache instead of the new content.

Users won’t have this issue unless they are constantly revisiting your site when you are updating it, which is highly unlikely.

Open in a Private window to see what visitors will see.

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Brilliant! Thanks Gary.

Out of interest, once I’ve added the CMS on the home page, what would folk be likely to charge for a site like this?

It would just be nice to have an idea of how much I’ve saved them ;-)

That’s more related to how well they can communicate what they want, the quality of what they provide you with, how picky they are, how web savvy they are, how responsive they expect the developer to be, etc…

It’s all about the time required to get to whey they want to be. If they provide you with all text, placement of elements, optimised and sized images, then with Source you could create that site in 1 hour. If it takes them 9 months to figure out what they don’t want and can’t communicate that, then they should be charged £1000’s for your time.

Has anyone ever done a site where they’ve been provided with all optimised pics, text etc 🤔😂