Webyep stack missing

I just noticed that @willwood 's Webyep stack isn’t available anymore. Neither the webyepstuff site. Any news about why? Thanks

Only the old version is here to download…
Version 1.2.1, by Tsooj Media. Automatic updates are broken in this build and there are known incompatibilities with PHP 7.x. WebYep CMS stacks were totally rewritten and re-released in early 2018, in combination with the release of WebYep 2.

It looks like version 2.0 was never made.

The link to webyep 2 gives a 404 error.

Actually, that’s not the issue, just curiosity. I have WebYep 3.0.6 from Max Fancourt (GitHub) which does not seem to be available anymore. This version works fine with PHP 8. And in fact, Will Woodgate’s stack is not mandatory for using WebYep with Rapidweaver (or any other tool). However, the stack had some add ons useful for an easy and extendable use of WebYep within Rapidweaver / Stacks. Maybe, Webyep’s time is finally over now.
It was one of the first CMS I ever used…

I was just looking for the RW plugin…
Though it was neat reading about the product GitHub - maxfancourt/WebYep: Web Content Management System

This is @willwood answer to my question by email (yesterday) :
"I have taken a step back from it and I’m less confident in it’s future. I tried to reinvigorate it and promote it some more, but I have a feeling those efforts were in futile.

I want to begin afresh and look at developing an entirely new CMS myself that doesn’t bring the baggage of an increasingly outdated codebase."


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I have to add that Adrian’s support is truly exceptional, especially now that some developers are hesitant about their continued support of RW and Stacks. In my view, the developer’s support is just as important as the product itself, if not more so.


Here’s an update to my post above.

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