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I’ve just put a new WebYep page into a new site im doing, with the WY stacks

The rich text editor styling tools do not appear - the text box does but no style controls

When i made my first site with the web yep, which works fine btw, I’m sure I had to choose rich text editor over ckeditor , that’s how I got it working last time I believe. But for the life of me , I can’t remember how I did this and can’t see it in the user instructions. This may be the issue of not seeing the rich text styling tools in Rich text editor or not.

I did try to research it and found this - see below, but if it is this issue , how would I implement it ? is the the reason for no tools ? or more simple than that?


we used WebYep with our old site which was http only. This worked fine.

Now after upgrading our site to just use SSL (https), we found that WebYep continued to work, but when the pop up editor window would show, we would get just a small textbox and all the rich controls weren’t shown.
This was due to a security feature in modern browsers. It appeared that the absolute link for the rich text javascript file was using http as a protocol, while the rest of the page was loading via https. The browser found that this was a security threat and only loaded the editor when you manually confirmed that.

Looking through the code we found the file WYURL.php in webyep-system/programm/lib to contain in line 56 the following code:

else $this->sProtocol = “http”;
We understood this to be a default fallback to set the protocol to http when the protocol could not be determined.

We change line 56 into:

else $this->sProtocol = “https”;
and found now, that the rich text editor was displayed by the browser without any problem, since it was now called in the HTML page with https. So the whole page was loaded with https.

So far we have not encountered any problems with this small “hack”.


This is the commercial / paid / premium version of WebYep you purchased from Max?


Hi Will
no its just the one downloaded from the link on your page.
The only thing that has changed ( from the other site ) is the site is hosted on Chilli Dog , but that may have no bearing at all.


REDACTOR is a commercially licensed plugin:

These rich-text editor buttons are only shown if you have emailed or messaged Max (the developer of WebYep CMS) and agreed to purchase a premium copy of WebYep CMS direct from him.

Because Max has to send the REDACTOR guys some money from each copy he sells, and then customise a bespoke copy of WebYep CMS to include the REDACTOR rich text editor code and license information you need, exclusive for you.

This is already discussed on the product page:

WebYep Forums, where Max can be contacted:

The WebYep user guide also details the different text editor interfaces available for you and how to enable a particular one. It is very simple to do in the config file. I seem to recall there being a more simplified editing interface included free that can be enabled, if you cannot afford a commercial version. But the commercial version is definitely worth the money in my opinion, because it also gives you the file manager.

Stacks4Stacks is hosted on Chillidog, so I think we can confidently rule-out any server incompatibilities!


Thank you for the info, I understand it falls outside your stacks support and appreciate you taking the time to reply . Cheers .


No problem, I hope my details were of help.

I think I mentioned in another discussion that I was going to explore adding some additional rich text editors to WebYep. I have not had time to do this yet (owing to other work commitments and personal events) but it is still my aim to look into this further.


yes , it sparked something and I I went looking , I missed the rich text in the pages manual. But then kinda remembered the all you have to do is remove a “-” in the opt file on the server. stupid little thing but I simply forgot what to do. Yes a rich text editor in your stacks would be useful, i’m sure ppl would be happy to pay extra for the benefit. Thanks again.


Just a quick note to say that the Imperavi website has disappeared.