Weird message on Home Screen

I’ve built this website in Source and have a section for Go CMS (the only non source stack I think) and when the site is visited, there is a strange message comes up.

Any idea what might be causing this? I’ve checked the settings in the project and it’s exactly the same as the URL.

The message is generated by GoCMS. I presume it is referring to this field in RW. Is that the one you checked?

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Vers GO CMS?

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Try in the RW Settings Web Address

Visiting that exact URL seems to work.



then when I get back from work tonight I take a closer look and tell you, if I can, how to do it.
this does not give an error:

Gary, I didn’t see you, 😁

Yes this should solve 👍

That seems to be better on a desktop, but I still get weird behaviour on an iPad?

go cms is old but it seems to me that
version, 2.0.2 (the version of the year 2018), fixes that issue of improperly setup domains you describe.

also check that the backups and restores are working. because there were problems there too.


Interesting. Is Total CMS the only real CMS option for Rapidweaver now?

There would be the magical Poster Stack, for now it can only be used with markdown.

Hopefully @jannis will bring out the update he is working on which allows for much more freedom.

But he too is waiting for the release of the Stacks5 app