Welcome to our Developer Collective Support Forum

Who We Are:

  • Big White Duck — Andrew Tavernor
  • Doobox — Gary Simpson
  • InStacks — Jannis Rondorf
  • Marathia — Jeroen Roos
  • Multithemes — Michelangelo
  • RapidWeaver Central — Marten Claridge
  • Shaking The Habitual — Stuart Marshall
  • Stacks4Stacks & ThemeFlood — Will Woodgate
  • Webdeersign — Gary Naylor
  • Yuzoolthemes — Michael Frankland

Why this forum?

In a nutshell, needs must. We’re small independent businesses and in today’s market we need control of our own support forums, where we can offer an even greater level of help and assistance to our customers and those of our fellow developers. Coming together like this means we can all effectively determine our individual and collective course while maintaining a collaborative ethos that (unlike other forums) truly represents our own business interests. That’s it.

One rule to rule them all

Aside from our general forum guidelines, we have only one all-encompassing rule:

  • No whining.
  • No bitchiness.
  • No snarky comments.

Non Partisan

We take no sides and toe no corporate line. We welcome all visitors. While we are all passionate RapidWeavers, we also recognise that professional web designers use multiple tools and platforms to do their job — so we embrace them all, whether WordPress, Blocs or RapidWeaver. Our focus is on support and web design.

So if you need help, you’re in the right place.

With our wide range of knowledge and experience, and our passion for multilateral support in all areas of RapidWeaver and Web Design in general — combined with our differing timezones — we’re ready to help you when you need it. Our response time is often a matter of minutes.