What CMS? Or Should I use Poster 2?

I have this very big project for Burkina Faso that I have worked on for a long time now. It was halted due to some political turmoil. I am going to continue working on it now. I already have the bulk of what I need in terms of texts and images, so the next move is to create the website with RW and Stacks.

In hopes of avoiding the consequences of limited bandwidth or costly data charges for the users, I’d prefer a Source site. One problem remains—the CMS. As this is a self-funded endeavour, I need something both user-friendly and dependable so that my friends can add fresh content frequently. Easy CMS and Armadillo are two attractive options. TCMS can do a lot but it would require both my friends and me to learn it, potentially setting back the timeline even further. Then again, WebYep and Armadillo recently emerged from hibernation and WordPress is possible due to the option of WordPress embeds through Axyn – though I’m unsure how this solution might influence page size or loading speed.

Initially, I was going to use Poster 2, but I am afraid that some of the authors there might get put off by the way they have to create posts. I am personally still keen on using Poster 2. Jannis, your editor would be a Godsend :-)

If you could offer any advice or insight to help determine which CMS to choose, it would be greatly appreciated!

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I vote for Total CMS. Once you have set up the site, you make it as easy or as hard to administer. You can add instructions on the pages to guide the end user. It also has many features that other CMS simply don’t have. You also don’t have to learn markdown or upload files to a server, you just use a word processor-style window to enter text. It does cost $99 per domain but after using most of the other CMS, I think it is well worth it.


I second TotalCMS here. It offers a lot of power behind it making it one of the best tools to build large projects. I have it powering a tourism site for Edmonds Washington right now. They have a calendar and blog article sections of there site that is all powered buy TotalCMS blog. The possibilities are endless with it.


Would it be better to draw up a list of requirements (ie blog, which site content needs to be edited: simple page content or more complex page info like meta tags/SEO content?, site content/blog searchability etc. ) and see if we can all chip in and suggest which CMS would be the best fit for those requirements?

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