What do you think about wiki.rw4all.com?

So I was just hinking about how it would be noce to have a centralized location for documenting and maintaining information pertaining to RapidWeaver and web development. I want it to be something that is easy for the community to contribute to so I was thinking a mediawiki install would be a good solution. I have played with it a bit at https://wiki.sparcworldwide.com/ and it has been easy to install and work with. It even hase a nice REST API to make calls to if you want to import content from a wiki onto another site.

I was just looking up some good domains to setup a weaver wiki and then it hit me. :) Why not see if it could be added to rw4all. If not I’ll set one up with a seperate domain or hitup RealMac.

What do you think?





I think a centralized knowledge base on web development using RapidWeaver and its add-ons would be a wonderful resource for all RW users.


It’s certainly a good idea, Brandon, and we’d be happy to host it.

I remember Vasily built one when the old forum still flourished but didn’t get enough input from anyone else to make it self-sustaining after he moved on. Many of us said we would help and contribute but at the end of the day we always had more demanding priorities.

As such, and to drive it through the early stages, I imagine it would need to be a personal project taken on by someone committed enough not to rely too much on external contributions.

We do want a way to manage all the resources we’ll be bringing to the forum so this might be a good place to start.

I would stick with discourse. Is this an option?

Yes. That’s what I’ve set up in the Resources category. Developers have the option to turn posts into wiki posts.