What does Source NOT have?

Just doing a quick comparison of the frameworks as I really think that Source is looking like a great option (I have Foundation and the full version of Source, but thinking more if the investment in time).

It doesn’t have its own built in form or slider stack, but is that it? None of the other frameworks have CMS or eCommerce, so I think that’s it.

A gallery stack is probably the other main gap.

The only other stacks i find myself needing to turn to are some of the ‘effects’ type ones from BWD (like Chroma, Billboard, Sticky Grummage, Scrollmate 2, ButtonPlus 2).

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And (of course) Limelight for lighboxes etc…

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I think Source has everything it needs to have. If I need some extra feature, I just use a third party stack.

I would rather push for integration between Source and 3rd party stacks. Think about Source/Poster 2 integration. This should become a model for galleries, e-commerce, contact forms etc from other developers.

Source should stay slim. That’s one of its main attractions. I would even suggest to remove the Raleway font as a built-in default.



I forgot to add that as long as Stuart has relatively few products to support, he’s got more time and energy to support them (and produce such wonderful teaching aids as his Academy and Elements). BTW, I wish all developers had similar approach.


I know you have ‘Splider’ which looks as good as any other slider I’ve seen. Do you have plans to build a form stack or a gallery stack?

To clarify, I wasn’t suggesting that source should have these extra stacks, I wanted to see if there are any essentials I might be missing if I proceed to invest my time into becoming more proficient with source.

Splider is far better than other and has integration with Poster2. It’s a slider from the new age.

Galleries, not even F6 has a Gallery, but the inStacks Gallery3 is as good as they get and far better than any bundled framework gallery.

Use a either a low cost but very capable form from DooBox or a fully featured, do everything form like FormSnap3.


I have Formsnap 3 - have you used/upgraded to Formsnap 4?

Does the Gallery Stack have a built in slider? Just had a look at the demo page.

Yes, Gallery Stack 3 has several sliders.

So that and Forloom make Source complete ;-)

I think Formsnap 3 is the latest but there is also the plugin Formloom 4?

@habitualshaker out of curiosity how does Source do for accessibility? I noticed in the release notes that the aria setting had been removed for the upcoming Stacks 4.1 release.

Is pretty decent I think. Is a key area and is something that I aim to keep continuously improving going forward.

Yeah - had to change the way some of my links worked to make it work with Stacks 4.1. This meant I could no longer accept a value for aria-label in the stack settings and pass it into the link. Adding this label is something that users can do themselves though by adding it as a custom attribute in the RW link settings.

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