What happened to the over 1500 Addons?

The recent edit of the old RW8 page makes no mention of the over 1500 addons that it used to, up until a few days ago.

Have RM fiddled with RW9 to stop these from working? The Addons were its main feature, so seems odd to not promote your biggest asset.

A quick check on the Market Place shows there certainly are not 1500 addons available and these appear to have been excluded by not being imported from the original list of Addons.

NB I initially thought the Market Place was a link directly to just 1 developers back catalogue, but it seems it is an actual Market Place.

No automatic migration. You would have to re-add them in the new marketplace.

Yes that was what I was referring to. Those developers who chose to use the old Addons section and build a following of reviews, appear to have lost all of that. Of course many didn’t use it and won’t use the Market Place.

Also, surprisingly the new Market Place has not been built with Stacks. Full marks to Blocs App in that the excellent Blocs Addons is built with Blocs.

A Source Poster2 Market Place build with something like TCMS, could have created a fully featured, lighter, faster and better looking Market Place IMHO.


It does seem a bit of an ill-conceived or ill-executed update - Realmac did say in their materials that it is a beta, so maybe it was a but rushed.

I sort of understand they wouldn’t just copy everything across from the existing marketplace, and use it as a opportunity to prune out old abandoned items.

Useful things, as a frequent visitor, like show categories for stacks, themes, projects, add-ons etc are missing, show by newest, recently updated etc are all UX requirements for a useful experience in my opinion.

Hopefully they get added in soon.

I’ve always doubted that number.

Sure, if you count individual stacks as add-ons to base RapidWeaver you’ll probably reach 1,500, but that seems unfair.

I reckon that Realmac realised this too, and with the possible departure of Stacks (the plug in) from the platform, they might have felt the need to remove the claim.


I recall someone on here mentioning that had over 5000 stacks and in my experience pruning my own stacks loaded, to under 1000 requires lots of difficult decisions on what to remove. The ability to open up old project files requires a lot of baggage.

So technically, there are a great deal more than 1500 “addons” if you count individual stacks which may be inside other stacks. The reality is that there is only 1 current addon which is Stacks, which itself has over 5000 stacks. IMHO themes don’t count as you cannot build a single thing in RW unless you use a theme.

Currently the Market Place must be a confusing place for anyone new to RW and probably quite a shock to see some of the prices. Yes it’s a beta but there is a long way to go yet.

Technically, the Market Place is already full of opportunities to increase the performance (according to PageInsights) and at 12.5Mb of content per page, is on course for poor desktop performance and potential unusable on mobile.

Why for example, are the full size images being loaded up when all that is needed is the small thumbnail image for each page consisting of 15 thumbnail images? E.g. the Carpenter image is 1.1Mb and 3840x2160px!!! Also why in 2022 are webP images not being used? With these designs you have to get it absolutely right at the start.

Would it be cynical to suggest that RM don’t want a Market Place built with Stacks as it can demonstrate what is possible with current stacks?

Anyway, looking forward to a lightening quick stacks built Stacks App Market Place to show how it can be and should be done.

Any suggestions for improvement are always welcome for the current beta. You can direct your suggestions directly to RMS, The images are inherited from the old store (based on the PSD provided by RMS) and the store target is desktop.

I’ll post some suggestions here as I know it will be read by RM. It’s more about having confidence in your own product and demonstrate it by building your own Market Place with your own product.

  1. Urgent. Fix the layout which is broken Firefox.
  2. Make it look at least recognisably different from the Blocs Store built with Blocs, or even approach something as nice as the Sparkle Theme page built with Sparkle - see images below.
  3. Build it with Stacks instead of a custom Tailwind build styled to look like a Bootstrap build.
  4. Add a Search and category/tag function. This would be just adding 1 additional Poster2 stack if it was built with Stacks using Poster2, so would take about 30 minutes of setup and testing.

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Let’s do this for the upcoming Stacks5.app marketplace 😀

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I would be very happy to offer my services for no charge to help build the new Stacks App market place.

We already have the stacks to do it.