What is the best way to implement SEO?


What is the best way to implement SEO in Rapidweaver? Currently I am using (only on some sites) the Sitemap plugin from Loghound. I think I am experiencing some clash between rapidweaver and this plugin. Sometimes Rapidweaver comes up with an error message blaming Sitemap for not being able to publish. Moreover I would like to know if I am just using the built in tools for SEO in Rapidweaver, will that suffice for the SEO part of a webpage. Generally I am getting ok SEO results for my web sites.

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You don’t need plugins or stacks or anything like that for good SEO. Just follow as best you can the latest set of rules from Google, ensure your page structures are correct, add meta tags to images and stuff, and above all else, and this is the really important bit, that most completely fall over on: Make GREAT content that people actually want to read. Think about you’re search terms that you want to rank for, and ensure these are in your content, naturally, not out of place.

Bottom line: You can have the worst website in the world, but if the content is good it’ll eventually rank. But a great site, with 100% correct code/structure/tags/etc, if the content is shit, it’ll never rank well.

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Hello Steve OK thank you, I will follow your advice, because I have already noticed that when I search and analyze different keywords etc. with some SEO tools, I seem to be able to rank higher on google in actual search, than what these tools tell me I would.

Also make sure you are not duplicating SEO stuff such as Twitter tags, etc… I believe that RW8 has added this function so either use that or turn it off and do it another way.

In case you’re not aware of it, Yourhead took over the Loghound plugins a few years ago, and the new version might help your publishing problem.

You can download the new version here:
Download: http://yourhead.com/sitemap

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Hello OK thank you :-)

OK so it seems I have to turn RW internal SEO tools off to be able to use a plugin for seo. I seem not to be able to locate any way to turn it off. How do I do that? Sorry for my ignorance in this regard.

Just another angle to throw into the mix–

I’m a speaker, and I often see other speakers who throw money into SEO, hire consultants for that, etc. However, there’s a book called ‘Million Dollar Web Presence’ in which the authors point out that speaking is an industry in which very few potential customers find a speaker by searching online. They say most pro speakers are hired from networking, word of mouth, being seen at other events, etc. The authors advocate spending little time on SEO and focusing on making a website function as a sort of second-level portfolio, to create deeper engagement with someone who is already familiar with your services and has intentionally gone directly to your site.

I’m not an expert on marketing or SEO, and I thought that was interesting – the idea that some industries rely on cold “searches” more than other industries.