What Source demos and examples would you like to see? Call for requests

Like many of us, I am finding myself with increasingly more spare time and I wanted to give something back to the Source community.

I am going to create a series of posts that will show how to create common layouts that we frequently use, using Source and in particular using Sources Coder stack. The type of layouts would be similar to an IconBar, Jumbotron, Hero sections with content, navigation, footer components, Card layouts, etc… I see a lot of requests on other forums asking how to build these layouts or how to modify them to better code with different screen sizes.

If there are specific layouts you would like to see, please reply here and I will add them to the growing list.

Also with the release of the Source Grid Enable to allow Source Grid-plus to be used in other frameworks such as Foundation and Foundry, if there is interest, this may also be a topic to demo how it would be used.


Hi @Webdeersign,
Fairly interested in the possibilities for magazine (and grid) design like the demos from @habitualshaker

I recall Stuart mentioning recently he was creating more Grid demos. If you have specific ones in mind then post precisely what you are looking for. Once you understand the possibilities with Grid Plus, then not only can you build what you have in mind, but you can then create even better grids by experimenting.

This sounds great @Webdeersign! Along with everything you mention I vote for svg creation / usage in Source. Always love what you do with this!


Patience @robertreinink - just need to add a few notes to this project file and then I’ll make available for download :)


what Iam intrigued by is Coder and Utility classes and use cases. Plus the above project file.


All of the above really! I am going to spend some time getting into Source in more detail and any extra tuition is always welcome.

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Exactly, anything and everything…I want to really get a handle on Source during my enforced stay at home time!! Have the Academy tutorials, but this is a great chance to learn as much as possible.

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I have just created the first of these.

the academy tuts are the best and source is so amazingly simple! and can do so much. But these guys are really broadening its spectrum…

How about some more investing types of menu, can that be done?

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Yes, I already have and have done the Academy tutorials, but that doesn’t mean that I have nothing to learn, or I may simply have forgotten something simple. With what is going on in the world at the moment, it would hardly be a surprise that I have missed something…

Navigation is definitely on the list. In fact it has already begun. If you follow the first tutorial on using Coder to build an IconBar, then imagine that layout with text links instead of images, you then have one pieces of the navigation puzzle.

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Coder dropped into the CTA

Yes there is a lot going on, or not going on! I’ve noticed the absence of jet lines in the sky!

You are on the right track but not thinking far enough outside the box. Throw the box away.

What is more relevant to this thread, is the fact that RW users can now use Sources Grid Plus in any theme or other framework, to build any navigation they want. Of course if you are using Source you can alternatively use a Coder solution.

is this grid layout possible with Source?

It is, this same layout is included as a template in Source


Yep @pmjd is referring to the ‘5 item spiral’ template would get you most of the way there in terms of the basic layout.

Happy to provide an example file if you can’t quite get it doing what you want.

Hi, hope everyone is doing well during these “interesting” global situation. Thanks for the quick replies! Taking advantage of the down time to play with source and other rw addons, if you could supply an example file when you can, it would be much appreciated.