What Will This Domain Be Called?

rw4all except…

Just wondering!

Why except?


Too soon? Anyway, the forum will need to be renamed.

Not necessarily. RW7 & RW8 will still function perfectly well for years to come as the page builder for Stacks.

As I have pointed out many times, I still use RW7, which came out in about 2015! RW8 didn’t add anything of value for me and then RW8 took about 18 months to get rid of the bugs.

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Except, tonnes of people will move over to Stacks App. Which isn’t Rapidweaver. Therefore, RW won’t be a particularly inclusive name any more.

I might add, RW8 will only last as long as Apple says it will… but that’s not really the point I’m making. Stacks App isn’t Rapidweaver, you see :)

Why? This only would apply to anyone who upgrades to a future macOS AND RW8 stops working with it.

The cost of buying RW + Stacks + Framework is more than the cost of a decent used MBP or Mini with a good 10 years of life left in it.

IMHO too many “Weavers” are pathelogically driven to upgrade everything without question. Worse still, they buy Apple hardware whenever it is announced. The world would be better place if they stopped doing that.


This 🔝👍

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Not everyone’s prime business is Rapidweaver. I for one won’t be staying on old hardware and old operating systems. It’s not practical for what I do. Anyway, the argument seems to keep coming back to “RW8 and stacks will last forever”. It won’t. Everything changes. Web technology changes. Older platforms won’t keep up. That’s the way it is.

Anyway, it’s not the issue I’m raising. It’s about the name of this forum. Might be hard to keep calling Rapidweaver, when Stacks App comes out. Unless a separate forum emerges.

Jannis, presuming what other people do with their hardware and why they need it is a little presumptuous. I do agree though, a Mac Studio e.g. is not required for web design. It is however, for what I do.

IMHO this forum can stay with it’s name.

There will be an own forum for Stacks5.App.

Hey man, just saying that’s better for the environment to reuse “old” hardware than always to buy new one. That’s not presumptuous.

You can buy as much Mac Studios as you like 😄

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Fair enough. A new forum would be a good idea.

Yes, let’s save the environment. Stop burning fossil fuels, petrol, coal etc. Stop flying. Stop wars. Sounds good!

You could argue though, that the M1 chip given its thermal loading is more environmentally-friendly than others ;-)

You can make fun of these concepts all you want, but the rampant, thoughtless consumerism is what kills this planet. All in the quest of making rich people richer. But this is not the place to discuss that topic…


And I thought it was the nuclear tests of the United States of America, the USSR / Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan and North Korea. Instead it is consumerism, good to know.

Please don’t lecture me. Who said I was making fun? What I stated is what I believe. How the hell this conversation turned into an argument about consumerism is beyond me. The topic, started by me, was about renaming the forum or starting a new one.