What's on your Mac?


Sounds like RW 😂


I just Affinity Designer instead of Illustrator - and Affinity Publisher (beta) instead of InDesign. Love them both (although I could use a lot of tutorials for Publisher!). For photos, though, I still use Photoshop and Lightroom- in part because it’s under $10/month…and they throw in Adobe Fonts for free. I’m going to need to pay for that anyway, since I use them in every site I build. I also use Adobe Stock Photos. Why? Mainly because I haven’t found anything better that’s also cheaper (I can usually find photos that don’t look like stock photos), and because my employer pays for it. I wish, though, that I could find a suitable replacement - something like Fotolia was before Adobe bought them.


That was funny. Actually Fireworks just produces exception messages and can be restarted and nothing is lost, so apart from the lack of acknowledgement that SVG’s even exit, it is quite different from RW.

However, by taking a long list of precautions such as never have more than 1 project file open, constant saving, restart RW every 20 minutes unless doing many undo functions then do no more than 10 undoes before a restart, and wait 18 months before adopting the latest version of RW, never use RW betas, RW7 is not too bad. I only now see about 1 big crash a week with RW 7.55 where RW will for no apparent reason, disappear, not save the open project and on restart, there is no crash reporter. I reverted to 7.55 because I couldn’t live with the upgrade to RW8 nag screen.


I remember how Photoshop used to struggle with any kind of zoom, set the fans racing even on my fairly high-end iMac at the time. The moment I tried Affinity Designer and zoomed to infinity in a couple of seconds Photoshop was dead to me. I never pirated Adobe’s software again.