Where are registration details stored?

I erased a bunch of older version of RW 7.5x and 8.xx and suddenly I am asked again for all the registration info, from Stacks to PlusKit. Where are these stored so that I can restore all of them again?

All plugin registration info is stored with the RapidWeaver application preferences. So if you restore RapidWeaver’s prefs, you’ll get the plugin info too. Finding the exactly location of the preferences file can be a bit challenging. It varies between versions of macOS and versions of RapidWeaver.

So just in case you can’t find them, you can always just go to the YourHead site and have our automated system send you a new copy.
It’s an easy URL to remember too. 😃


Click through to the web form and give it the email you used to purchase and it will automatically email all your serials back to that email address.

And contact YourHead support otherwise – Christi can manually look up hard to find things in our database.


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Thank you, Isaiah. I was a bit afraid that I would have to enter dozens of codes for the various items I have purchased and accumulated. But apparently it is only plug-ins, and those I have saved in Enpass.

Not too bad, then. Let us know if you need any help.