Where to place a website so it is secure from authorities

Hejsan, I have kind of a bit of a strange question. Which country will it be most safe to place a website, so it cannot be taken down by other countries authorities? It is not an illegal website, but it is critical to some of the measurements and new laws created by the corona virus situation, that is detrimental to the constitution. And some countries are known to take down some websites like this.

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I’m not being flippant but you probably already know the answer: Russia.

That aside this is a very tricky question to even hazard an answer as we have no idea about what makes your potential website tricky and where you are currently located.

I have to imagine there are differences in terms of health issues (Covid19 and anti-vaxxers, e.g.) versus political issues versus other things. I’m not sure there’s an across-the-board answer to your question.

Yes, but there is also Iceland. They seem to be very open for free speech. And they have tight laws protecting people right to free speech, which cannot entirely be said about Russia :-) The website is currently located in Denmark and it is run by danish people. The danish government has established very tight laws that is unnecessarily hard. They give double the punishment if the lawbreaking is against their corona tactics. I can mention some very unfair sentences given lately. But that is another story. I myself, although being danish, are living in Sweden that also have a fair law system, but they have also started making Corona laws. So I kind of is coming to the conclusion that Iceland would be the perfect choice.
And the content and aim of the website is to inform about alternative views and research about the whole corona situation. The people running the website is ordinary concerning citizens. I was really surprised about how many ordinary decent people that are concerned about these new laws. Their main aim is not Covid 19, but are concerned about the breaking of our constitution.

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@Kent Given what you wrote Iceland seems perfect.

This doesn’t seem an appropriate place to ask this question. It has much to do with politics and little to do with building websites.

Oh sorry, I am sorry if I offended you. I am just making their website, and I do not have experience in such things as where to keep websites safe from authorities, so I asked here like I ask many other questions that I do not know or are unsure about. It is simply a question about where websites can be safe from authorities, so it has something to do with building websites.


This the perfect place to ask his question. Hosting a site is part of developing a site.