Which attributes do you expect for eCommerce products?

I am thinking of a object model for eCommerce products.

  • What’s needed in your opinion, also as single multi value attribute?
  • What do you need as some sort of filter or sort criteria?
  • What are the settings you need for creating products inside a shop?

What’s coming to my mind:

  • SKU
  • Images
  • Textual description
  • Variants (like color, size)
  • Categorizations
  • Prices (in different currencies)

Based on a medium-sized online store, selling a range of products with variants and sizes.

  1. Need to be able to set master categories and subcategories. Ability to move subcategories from one master cat to another, plus turn sub cats into master cats. Also able to set up brands categories.

  2. Adding the product…

2.1 Name, short title, long title. Description. SKU code and product code.
2.2 Variants hierarchy; size first then colour. Ability to define the title of variant so doesn’t have to be size and colour.
2.3 Two price options: RRP & store price. If the store price is different to the rrp price, store price is displayed, if not, just the rrp price is displayed.

  1. Managing the product.

3.1 Option to put products into sale, with sale price display plus a percentage and value below rrp.
3.2 Option to put products into sale based on brand, category or sub category.
3.3 Ability to put all of the variants into sale price, or just selected variants.
3.4 Time limited sale price, with countdown.
3.5 Voucher codes, by product, brand, category or sub category. Based on fixed price discount or percentage. With trigger points based on shopping basket values.
3.6 Ability to move products from one category to another, individually or en-mass.
3.7 Real-time stock management.

  1. Paypal, Stripe, BACS payment options. With the ability to optionally load payment methods. So BACS is free but PP incurs 3% surcharge, Stripe 1.4% and so on.

  2. Shipping

5.1 Setup shipping regions and apply cost to each and have total applied at checkout.
5.2 Option for customer to select different shipping options (fast/slow/will almost definitely get lost/etc.)
5.3 Client and customer side tracking.

  1. Browser-side inventory management

  2. Absolutely must be database driven, not that flat-file thing.

  3. Featured product option: Products that are featured appear top of all product listings.

  4. Store search facility.

  5. Child stacks that enable products to be placed on other pages.

That’ll do for starters.



@steveb and others:

Which are the payment providers you require the most? In regards to one product purchases and cart solutions.