Which FTP client?

Yummy has annoyed me for the last time, so I’m looking a new one.

I don’t do anything fancy with FTP, I just need to connect to my servers, drag and drop uploads, and go have a beer.

About the on;y “feature” I must have is bookmark syncing, either built in or via Dropbox, cus I work on about five different machines with a lot of servers.

Don’t mind buying one, but don’t want to end up paying for a load of features I’ll never use, so what is out there?

(I did Google, but bookmark syncing almost never gets a mention, so without getting user suggestions the only way I’d know if it’\s a feature is to download and try, and there are a lot to try!)

Take Transmit, and you never look back.

It’s the best, and you deserve that.


Agree, transmit all the way

Transmit for sure.

Another vote for Transmit.
Free transmit account to sync between machines.
Not sure if yummy has it but in Transmit you can mount a server folder in Finder so you can simply drag files around just like any other folder on your Mac.

So, if I’m reading the general consensus right, you’re all coming down slightly in favour of Transmit?

Yeah slightly…

I’m a Forklift fan but am beginning to doubt my choice…

Playing with Transmit, I can see why everyone, except that Forklift weirdo, uses it ;-)


In some folders there are files/folders that I absolutely must not delete. But sometimes do. Does Transmit have a way to tag a folder such that it can’t be deleted, without a warning?

Scenario is that I want to remove all RW published folders from a server for a clean republish, but I’ve forgotten that as well as the RW published folders there is also one called “storedonotdelete” that maybe contains all the clients online store files. But, it’s early, and I forget, and delete it. I then have to spend the rest of Saturday rebuilding it from a backup.

Be nice if there was a way to mark that folder somehow so it can’t be deleted without a big fuck off warning.

Can Transmit do that anyone know?


Apache folder permissions could be your friend but it will probably also prevent you from writing to the folder too:

Transmit also has Rules you can create, I’m not sure they can be applied to your impending incompetence though https://library.panic.com/transmit/transmit5/skip-rules/

The other option is to get someone very patient to teach you how to use a mouse and keyboard, I’d do it myself but my retirement is due in about 13 years so I’m sadly not available

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The real trick is learning not to go near the server when pulling an all nighter. Problem is, when hakf way thru one, you forget all the tricks!

You could use a Transmit Rule to “Hide” the directory from yourself. Then you would delete it.

Why not use the colour labels in Yummy? The other clients don’t have this.

That might have worked, but I’m done with Yummy.

You can colour tag folders in Transmit, just like Mac OS.

Have a butchers here https://library.panic.com/transmit/transmit5/files/

I was using the Mac Automator to upload until I realised that Transmit 5 (I just upgraded) had better sync feature. You can still use Automator to do calendar syncs but I don’t need that. Click the purple flower thing top right, have your desktop RW file on the left and your website public_html on the right.

Super easy.

Only local folders on your computer, but not on a server…

I use both Transmit and Forklift and they are both excellent. Transmit is very Mac like and simple to use and more fool proof. I would say that Forklift has a lot moe useful tools and more features but has a more traditional FTP interface. It has a very useful 3 pane view and if you highlight a remote file it will be previewed in the 3rd pane. If its a text file it can be edited and saved in this pane which is quicker that Transmits open in an external editor. Forklift is also a very good Finder replacement amongst other things.

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I’ve used Transmit for years now. It’s pretty solid!


@steveb if this isn’t a reason you should take it, I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ Sounds like the perfect match.