Which is a good stack for listing features

I have a long list of features to enter, and it might well expand as other features are added.

I wanted to have maybe a different icon for each one and then a single short sentence.

Ideally I need some that can appear as a grid such as 3 across and maybe 9 or 10 going down.


Can you find some examples of what you want on other sites? Give us the URL’s and then we might be able to make suggestions.

Good point Steve. Here are a few examples of the kind of thing I think would look nice.

Shared with CloudApp

Shared with CloudApp

Shared with CloudApp

What framework or theme are you using?

Foundation Steve

I’ve not used Foundation in yonks, so can’t help on creating that using the native stacks, but…

The first example would most likely require some custom CSS, or some images with the borders and shapes etc.

The second is dead easy in pretty much any framework. It’s just a grid system, with each grid containing an icon centered and a header and text below.

The third, which would be my choice could most likely be made using Foundation stacks but personally I’d use Tavs BWD Blueprint, Sidebar and BP SVG.

If you want the hover animation, just drop the contents of each grid into whatever animation stack will do the effect you want, I think F comes with a few animation options.

EDIT: I’ve updated the project to add in some CSS powered mouseover zoom with drop shadow effect.

Quick demo: https://www.dropbox.com/t/PZ3fA7658Uk362IP

Looks like this…

Thanks for that really helpful advice. Massively appreciated.

I’m going to grab those stacks you recommend, I think I already have Blueprint, as on reflection, I think your preference is also mine too.

And thanks so much for the project file. Only problem was I got an error when I tried to open it. It say “Contents.plist’ file does not exist”

If I can get it looking like the one you did Steve I will be well happy :-D

Not sure about the error message. But PM me your email and I’ll send the project over.

Can’t email it. Try this…