Which is best stack for adding an RSS feed to a page

I’m in need a stack to display the contents of an RSS feed in the left column of a web page. I want it to blend in as well as possible so it needs to be something that allows changing of fonts and if possible including graphics.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

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As hinted here on the main RW forums, I have considered putting together a new RSS reader stack.

It seems FeedSlider continues to work okay for most people, despite its age. But there is a need to embed a static group of RSS articles in either list or grid format - without the slider component.

So far nobody has contacted me to show any strong interest or offer with help testing such a stack. My offer still stands if it is something you want to see happen. I’d love to get some design inspiration and feature lists started, to ignite this new project.


Hi Will,

The potential for including RSS feeds as content is fabulous.

I can only speak for myself, but I’ve never been a fan of visibly moving feeds that are like news ticker tape. I am sure some people have a need for that kind of thing, particularly news sites, but for me I want to insert the feed content as embedded content that blends in perfectly with the rest of the page content. So much so that it looks like it had been typed in, and doesn’t look at all like an RSS feed.

My main use would be to include my own site content elsewhere on the site. For example, if I had a page of recommended videos I might have the latest three of these appear in the left column of my blog.

Another use could be to include the latest blog post in my page footers.

So for me, no movement is needed or ticker tape style flow of content. Just static, perfectly blended content that looks like an integral part of the site and not a feed.

Oh, one more thing. I’m no SEO guru so I don’t know if this possible, but it would be great if the content appeared to the search engines just like it was normal content and not like a feed. If that were possible it would have two massive benefits. Firstly, it would mean the page was constantly being updated (which I understand Google likes), but it would also mean large chuncks of content could be repurposed for reuse elsewhere on the site.

If there’s anything else I can do to help Will just let me know.