Wiki Stack?

Is there a stack that will facilitate the creation of a wiki?
I can’t use MediaWiki, my host doesn’t support all the software (specific PHP versions and databases) necessary to run it.
Not interested in duplicating Wikipedia.
Maybe a max of 100 pages, probably much less, kind of an extended FAQ. Not necessary that users be able to update the pages.

If would be best if you explain what the php limitations are, as that may rule out some options

@steveb On the other forum he said these were the problems:

All seems fairly standard to me but maybe I’m wrong about some of the specifics under PHP.

And the fact that MediaTemple, the hosting provider, does not support the software.

@user26732 Yes, but “does not support” can mean a variety of things. Pretty vague. It could mean MediaWiki won’t run on their servers. Or, it could easily mean: If you run into problems we won’t be there to help you.

@user26732 The bottom line: there is no one stack that will do what you want. So the issue is being creative in organizing an approach. You could use several FAQ stacks across several pages, there may be better approaches.

Poster (a blogging app) might work.

But I not seeing what you really want. You are writing about pages, but that’s less important at this point. How many “groups” or “categories” of information would you have? Within a group how much text (at most) would there be for any one entry. Once we had an idea about those things then it becomes easier to suggest something (or somethings) that may help you achieve what you want.

With MediaTemple, it means:
we rent you the servers.
We put some software on the servers. If what you need isn’t on the servers (say, Jeckyll) you’ll have to install and maintain it yourself.
Oh, you can’t install a particular package? You’ll need to upgrade your contract with us and we’ll move you to a server that can handle that package.
The end result is that if installation requires anything more than an upload of static files, you’re looking at an upgrade at least.

Perhaps a 90’s Craigslist-style site would work, starting with ten categories, each listing being a FAQ and not an ad. There are lots of column stacks, maybe that approach would work.

Or at this point, just a flat directory of text files.

You’re not really answering peoples questions. Until you do, we can’t help.