Wired behavior

Hi - Can anyone see what the problem here is? I add this widget (cut and paste code from semrush siteaudit widget) https://wingnutsocial.com/test2.php and on mobile the text in the text field (mydomain.com) is being eaten up…

Any ideas how to fix? Is it getting extra padding on top added? This is a blank Foundation page… cheers all!

Ps I added it to a WordPress site and it worked okay… could it be a Foundation issue?

Mmh. Try this code:

input [type=“text”] {

No luck - thanks

New url now -

Also doesn’t work in Safari desktop either…

Fine on Chrome on Mac.

Mobile is the prob

Try this:

input [type=“text”] {
height:3rem !important;

You have to play with the height to match your needs.

Hi @Justin

It needs a line-height, try:

input[type="text"] {line-height:1rem} 


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Thanks all - Ill get to this again soon and try these options out - had to move on to another RW fire!