Wired behavior

Hi - Can anyone see what the problem here is? I add this widget (cut and paste code from semrush siteaudit widget) https://wingnutsocial.com/test2.php and on mobile the text in the text field (mydomain.com) is being eaten up…

Any ideas how to fix? Is it getting extra padding on top added? This is a blank Foundation page… cheers all!

Ps I added it to a WordPress site and it worked okay… could it be a Foundation issue?

Mmh. Try this code:

input [type=“text”] {

No luck - thanks

New url now -

Also doesn’t work in Safari desktop either…

Fine on Chrome on Mac.

Mobile is the prob

Try this:

input [type=“text”] {
height:3rem !important;

You have to play with the height to match your needs.

It looks like something related to the padding on the form input. Try this… Or something along those lines.

   input#ssa-widget-domain.ssa-leadgen-widget__input {
   padding: 0 .5rem 0 .5rem;
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Hi @Justin

It needs a line-height, try:

input[type="text"] {line-height:1rem} 


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Thanks all - Ill get to this again soon and try these options out - had to move on to another RW fire!