WOFF font - which weigth can it be?


I bought a font which comes with WOFF for self hosting my fonts. It comes as regular, bold, condensed etc. But I need to select the weight like 300, 400, 500, 700, etc. How can I find out which font like regular matches with each weigth like 300, 400…?

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Normally regular is 400 and bold is 700 etc BUT

you should never need to know the weight if you have regular, bold, black etc. Fonts should be specified as normal and bold etc - the browser will use the appropriate weight. If you have a weight of 400 and 800 then it will use those for normal and bold - if you load 400 and 700 then it will use them for normal and bold.

Best practice is to specify font faces via normal, bold etc and not by a specific weight because it will avoid the possibility of faux rendering if the weight is not present. Bold will use a heavier weight no matter whether it is 700, 800 or whatever. It is also the only way to prevent faux rendering when two weights are required in one paragraph for instance when one word is bold like this.

If you are talking about the Foundry Typface stack then it is totally arbitrary. You can load any file name into any weight - font weights are only a relative scale and do not really mean anything.
You just tell the stack what weight it bold and load whatever font you like into that weight setting - the actual numerical value has no relevance.


Thanks 😊 that answers the question .