Woocommerce - could it come to Rapidweaver?

A few sites of friends seem to use woo commerce (which I know is a Wordpress plug in). I jus t wondered if there was a way of porting over to Rapidweaver? And if not (which I guess must be the answer) why no-one has made a stack for it?

I guess the only way that happens is if the people behind Woocommerce want to produce a Rapidweaver version plugin, which seems unlikely. Obviously it would be good to have.

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Seeing as the Automattic, the company that owns Wordpress.com, also owns Woo Commerce, I wouldn’t hold your breath that it will ever work outside of the Wordpress environment…

I didn’t know Woo Commerce was that closely linked to Wordpress. In the past I’ve looked at it and thought it might be a good solution, but it was never an option with RW. I also use Blocs, which will soon allow exports to WP, so I hope to try it sometime.


I might be porting a WordPress site with WooCommerce over to Rapidweaver so I had a chance to look into what was available. Check out Ecwid for ecommerce and it can be easily integrated with RW. Only downside is that there is a monthly cost, so it is worthwhile for businesses that are selling something other than a pdf or music file.

There’s still a free version of Ecwid that lets you sell up to 10 items. It has other limitations, obviously, but could suit some situations.


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I appreciate the replies - I’m not looking for an e-commerce solution as such - just wondered why since Woocomerce seems to be free, why no one had ported it across.

VERY interesting regarding Blocs though!

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Absolutely. You could design layout in Blocs and then export as a Wordpress Template and use WooCommerce. RW is not a good fit for WooCommerse.

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Yeah the Blocs to Wordpress theme export will work exactly like this.