Wordpress to Poster Stack Converter

Hi guys,

Yes, it’s true. I am working on a tool to migrate from a Wordpress blog to Poster Stack, and it’s awesome 😎 . Yes, Wordpress is a pita, but hey, challenge accepted.

So, if there is someone out there having a Wordpress installation and interested in moving, let me know. The tool is still work in progress as every Wordpress is installation is different. You would have to send me the export XML file in order to get the data for Poster Stack produced.

Let me know! Cheers, Jannis


Sounds brilliant.

I am not 100% anti-Wordpress. But the new Gutenberg editor in Wordpress 5 has been an absolute nightmare for both developers and publishers. Anything to get that content into RapidWeaver would be a dream come true for many.

Tumblr and Flickr have also gone up s*** creek in recent months - switching off lots of useful features and taking user content hostage. I fear my MicroBlog stack is nearing the end of its life.


Hi Jannis

I have a list of clients wanting to migrate from WordPress back to RW (at my prompting). Is your poster stack just for posts? Or can ot be used for Pages content also?


Hi @Jannis happy new year.

This is an interesting concept. Could it be used to convert an active WP blog to Poster, ongoing?

I have a client who wants a self updating blog but wants it laid out like the poster blog (flex) that I presently maintain for them.

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Hi Steve,
Happy new year!

Definitely not. Workflow is as follows:

  • Export content from Wordpress as XML file
  • Send the file to me. I run the converter on my machine (as I still have to check if errors occur and if the output looks correct)
  • Markdown text files are created by the converter, and images are downloaded. Text files are referencing the images.
  • I send the output data to you, and you configure the Poster Markdown Folder integration to use the data.

Making this ongoing would be nice, still to much work IMHO.

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Hi Alison,

The converter exports markdown text files for both blog posts and pages, seperatly in 2 folders. The converter does not create a RW project or with this a page navigation.

Integrating the blogs posts is easy, as the blog is on one page, and Poster Stack reads all posts (text files) from the blog posts folder, sorts and displays them correctly, etc.

For pages, you still have to create the RW navigation inside the RW project file. From there on, either copy and paste the markdown content from the file to a markdown Stack, or, I create a little stacky where you are able to reference a file, and the markdown content is displayed.

Unless someone has a better idea 💡…

Cheers, Jannis

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I think it will be just as easy to copy and paste content. Sites are not too big and no blog to speak of - but if I do get a site with a big blog I will get in touch.

And many thanks!


Hi @alirat153

I’ve been using Poster stack for a few months now and can testify it is VERY flexible.

Initially, its use as a blog feature is at the forefront, but once you get the hang of it you realize it could be used for anything. In fact, you could create a huge site with multiple sections, different layouts, and a whole heap of other stuff very easily.

It also allows you to use any other stacks so the pages it generates can be just as feature-packed as any normal page, and Jannis has done some great work with the meta data so it is SEO friendly too.

Put it this way, I would take Poster stack over Wordpress any day of the week.


Well it just so happens I do have a WordPress site with a blog as part of it, so maybe this will work well for this job.

I didn’t get much feedback on my offer honestly, also not in the other forum. So glad you get back to this 😃

If you’re willing to go with me to that process, you have to export the Wordpress content as xml: https://en.support.wordpress.com/export/

Afterwards, please send me the xml (as DM or email), and I will set up a test site for you. I will just use the data for the convertion process.

If you like what you see, we will take it from there. If you aren’t using Poster Stack by know, we will find a way that you are able to play with it on your side also 👍

Cheers, Jannis


Late night Sunday here… will do tomorrow. Thanks

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  • can the xml from Blogger be imported to Poster 2? Perhaps as a paid service?

How does such a XML look like ?

There is a lot of styling stuff in there - I have zipped it and sent it to you as I’m not good at describing stuff I don’t fully understand.

This is not an urgent thing - I am currently embedding the page in the RW site I’m building and planning to have an ‘Old blog’ and 'New (P2) Blog page, but seeing Wordpress translation was possible, I thought it was worth asking…because the client’s speciality is quite niche, she has top of page 1 google ranking, so I’m keen to keep all her content and searchability

No, that will not work.

Is there a RSS feed available for that ?

There is an RSS option Jannis. I’m wondering if it could be imported to an online WP blog too and then exported?

RSS might not contain the whole content.