When I check the analytics on my site, I’m getting lots of error pages and bounces for URL’s ending in:


e.g.: https://jamesrussellyoga.com/blog/wp-includes/wlwmanifest.xml

I don’t understand where these pages have come from. I built the whole site with RW & Source. I’ve never even used wordpress before. I can’t find these pages on my server. Its a total mystery to me.

Does anyone know what this is or where it could have come from? More importantly - how do I get rid of these pages?

Your site gets a 100% SEO score at Googles Measure page quality - see image below

What exact method or tool are you using to

[quote=“Jamie, post:1, topic:5334”]
check the analytics on my site,[/quote]

One explanation of what you are seeing is that you are using a Wordpres specific SEO checker and because those specific folders you mentioned, don’t exist, are being flagged up as errors.

PS Site looking even better now:)

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Wow! Cool - all that effort paid off. It was largely from following the steps outlined on your blog on the Webdeerdesign website - and also from good advice on this forum. Thank you.

I’m using the built in site analytics on 1&1 IONOS. That makes sense though if they are looking for Wordpress.
The only other thing I can think of is I’m running the site through Cloudflare but I don’t think that would affect it like this. Praps I can just ignore it if its an IONOS thing.

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