You can only use 10 stacks

from now until the end of time. Which 10 would they be (and they have to be individual stacks, so you can’t choose the Foundry Potion Pack and have it count as one)?


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Blue Print/SideBar
Remote Image
DooBox Contact Forms
Useful Stack
Menu Stack (not yet made: Will someone hurry the f up and make a descent non-framework dependant menu stack please?).

That’s technically 9, as BP and SB are part of the one stack, but it’ll do.: EDIT: No, I’m not making do as I have to get Poster in there somehow. So now BP and SD are classed as one. Sue me.

(I’ve focused on stacks that do the essentials. There are many stacks I’d miss that give a site it’s BOOM! But if we were limited, those would have to be the first stacks to go, as a site will work without effects, but not without the basics.)


Oh christ! I have to get away from my keyboard. This will end in tears and toys on the floor and lists of who to not support.


Oh, it wasn’t intended to cause ructions. I imagine mine will be a combo of stacks that do loads of things - like BWD’s - and ones that do a single thing really well - like Doobox’ stacks. I’m sure there will be plenty of stacks that don’t make my list, but that doesn’t make them any less excellent.


Section Pro
Button Plus 2
Foundation 2 column
Foundation image
Header Pro
Font Pro
Paragraph Pro

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Bollox, LL, forgot about that. Away to edit my list.

Sections Pro
Header Pro
Paragraph Pro
Contact Form (Doobox)
Montage 2 (Doobox)
Sharestack (S4S)
Smart2Columns2 (Marathia)
Flat Button (Elixir)
Table Builder (RW Extras)
Open Street Map (InStacks)

That’s based on the stacks that I use regularly from project to project. Or ones that seem to do something that other stacks can’t, or do it much more easily IMHO.

Tomorrow’s list is likely to be different…



BluePrint SVG
Contact Form
Gallery 3


@Phil A bit tricky to use them without any layout stacks

In this list of 10, Intrinsic is the layout stack.

Don’t know that stack but I’m going to look it up now, cheers.

Intrinsic has a free trial; a version is also included with the ThemeFlood Themes.

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Out of interest, did you see my Gator stack released at the end of last year?

Unfortunately the original announcement on the official RapidWeaver forums got totally trolled within about 2 hours of this stack being released - things turned very nasty - the thread ended up being deleted by forum mods. I got email notifications through of new replies, and when I went back to the discussion, it was locked and gone. I never bothered to repost it again.

Of the people who have purchased and begun to use it, they have being singing much praise about this stack. It should work flawlessly with any modern theme. Basically it is the same responsive menu from the Media theme, repackaged as a stack. In theory, it should work anywhere.

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I’m not at my Mac now, but I can attest that Gator works great with Foundation, and have deployed it in a couple of sites. Way, way nicer than TopBar, especially when viewed in mobile sites.

I’m going to repeat a lot of what has already been listed here, but maybe it will help others realise quite how essential some of these stacks are. In sitebuilding order:

FontPro (JW)
Agent (JW)
PD Menu (BWD)
Blueprint (BWD)
Sections Pro (BWD)
Layouts (but I’m also keen to try Intrinsic sometime soon) (1LD and SFS)
Scribe (BWD)
Poster (IS)
RapidCart Pro 4 (FG)
ButtonPlus2 (BWD)


Geesh. Sorry to hear this. I had not heard about Gator and which looks like it would have been a solution to a couple of things I was pursuing in the past.

Target (JW)
Responsive Bundle /JW)
Jack (JW)
FontPro (JW)
Glider (JW)
ScrollTo (ex Tsooj)
Paragraph Pro (BWD)
Button Plus (BWD)
Sections Pro (BWD)
Photo (NCD)

and some more…

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Start with the “Blankstrap” theme from InStacks

Always seem to use:

  • Pulse 5 Integration Stack (InStacks)
  • Pulse 5 Blocks (CMS Content)
  • I wrap the Pulse 5 Blocks in the “Freestack R Styler” stack (Blueball) for fine tune style control of the font and/or
  • Letterpress Box (Weavers Space)
  • Gallery 3 (InStacks) and/or
  • ProGallery 2 (stacks4stacks) for client editable image galleries/sliders
  • Navigation (Yuzool) (or the P5 Nav, which is basically the same)
  • Adaptive Grid (stacks4stacks) for columns (up to to 12!)
  • Useful Stack (stacks4stacks) “Swiss Army Knife”
  • Wall Stack (Yuzool) social media feeds

All picked so that it is easy for client to make changes to content