Yourhead Collage no slideshow on Windows

I recently installed Collage of Yourhead and made one slideshow with it. This slideshow performs well op Mac, iPad en iPhone. But it does not on Windows desktop/laptop (no start/stop button is displayed). Since I am a new user (with Rapidweaver) I suppose that I did something wrong. But what?

The problem is visible on Foto-album Beffe-HR.

Rudolph Smits, Netherlands

PS Last sunday I posted this issue on the Yourhead-site but until now no answer. Nevertheless, sofar I am really content with this add-on.

PS 2 I hope I have posted this on the right problem group .

Hi @RudolphSmits,

When I load your site into the latest version of Google Chrome on Windows, the element “CollageLBControl” is set to not display:

Capto_Capture 2022-09-08_05-18-35_pm

So not showing the slideshow control is on purpose and works as intended. The question now is: why? Perhaps Yourhead doesn’t support this feature on Windows browsers?

I’m afraid only Yourhead can answer this question.

There is this answer in the Collage FAQ on that may be of interest to you though.


Hi Erwin

Thanks for your suggestions. On the page in trouble I do not use javascripts myself. So it could be the theme.
Well, I am going to ask Yourhead again!

Rudolph Smits

Sofar no reaction from Yourhead received, unfortunately. It is 14 days now.

I made a second page with slideshow with the same effect: ok on Apple devices, no slideshow on Windows (browsers Firefox, Edge, Chrome, no difference).

Is there anybody who solved this probleem with Yourhead Collage?

Rudolph Smits