Yuzool Checkout Stack button fails

I just bought the Yuzoolthemes bundle and am trying to use Checkout 2. Messed with this for hours, but can’t solve it: the Stripe button is not activated.

On rollover, the Paypal button shows the little URL cursor, and clicking on it takes me to Paypal.
However rollover of the Stripe button does not change the cursor, nor does clicking on it do anything.

I have turned on/off “include stripe.js” without any change. Fiddled with the API. Changed the required on/off for the address. changed the text, turned on/off Paypal… nothing is making that Stripe button work.

So… I tried creating a cart product. Again, Paypal works fine, and this time the button for Stripe is activated, but all I get is " We are redirecting you to secure Stripe servers now…" and nothing happens. The redirect just sits there.

What am I doing wrong?

Are Yuzool still operating? I thought they’d folded. I’m most likely completely wrong on that so do check before taking my comment as fact. I do know that lots has changed in the last year when it comes to connecting to Stripe for checkout, so it’s very possible the stack needs an update to conform to Stripes new protocols.

For small scale e-commerce inside RW I use Paysnap by @yabdab and that is working fine with Stripe.

@YuzoolSupport is operating.

Thanks, folks.
@steveb: that’s what I’m doing now (using PaySnap).
@Jannis: yeah… but… I sent them $199 a couple of days ago, specifically for their bundle so I could get their appointment stack and ecommerce stacks, but the latter one is broken. Their support page is not working, and emails to info@ and support@ have gone unanswered.
Had I been gifted with foresight, I’d have just bought the appointment stack for $39 and been done with it. Now it looks like I’m stuck. Since they are not responding, I’ll have to see what I can do about getting a refund (and of course, I’ll pay for the appt stack when the refund is issued.
Been using RW since the day it came out, and Yuzool was great for most all of that time. Bummer that’s apparently no longer true.
Thanks again.

Dear Tracy,

We received your email yesterday and have responded. Checkout 2, which is the e-commerce stack, should be working as we have many users using stripe with it. Also, both emails should work, and we responded to the support one, not sure why the info was not received. Lastly, Not sure why people think we have folded, but we have been responding to support emails and been working to upgrade a number of our more popular stacks. Kind regards,

Yuzool Support Team


That is good to hear, that you are working on updating stacks, as I have some of your stacks that are essential to some of my websites.

Dear Kent,

Yes. If you have some requests, please let us know. Just email us at support@yuzoolthemes.com. Kind regards,

Yuzool Support Team

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I did get your reply, just now, 10:38 AM PCT, May 29, not yesterday. I had sent two email to support@ without reply, and your online form (which is working today) was red-bannered to “not working” yesterday.
Those are the reason “people think” you have folded.
I’m delighted to hear that things are working for you… now, if we can just get Stripe working for -me-… :-)

Dear Tracy,

Yes. We will have Michael take a look at what you sent, and will get back to you. Kind regards,

Yuzool Support Team

@YuzoolSupport good to hear you guys are still going, sorry for the misinformation.

I see you are doing a six month subscription for $197 with new stacks added monthly, which sounds great. I was one of the subscribers to the very first subscription system you set up and I’ve not purchased anything new since then, so what new stacks have been added to the bundle this year? Might be worth getting back into the club! :-)

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Let me know how you get on with Checkout 2 stacks @tvalleau . I have raised this concern a few times now and still haven’t received an update that responds to STRIPE’s new protocol.

Will do. they are looking at my rw code now…

I have almost every stack/plug-in from Yuzoolthemes since entry on RW platform. Michael, to me, remains a most ingenious developer. I do not know what is happening now, but his support was AMAZING.

Regardless of the fact that one or two stacks may not work, I say, the bundle is well worth buying, there are lots of gems in it and which are my go to regardless which other developers theme of plug-in I use.

Here’s where we are now, with a little bit of progress:

  1. you cannot have the Cart3 base on the same page. (If you NEED it, try turning off the button loading of JS.)
  2. if you unload Cart3 base, it still will not work in RW because…
  3. the CSS for the button is wrong, for some reason as yet undetermined, so the button will not show a pointer cursor, nor will it work in RW preview, although it -will- work (still no pointer) on a live site.

So now the debugging is down to why the CSS shows “cursor: default” instead of “cursor:pointer” and there’s no “type: submit” attached.

… and the answer is the theme I’m using is overwriting the CSS for the button in this particular instance. So, now it’s time for custom code, or replacing the theme, or replacing the stack. Since I have another stack that works just fine with stripe -and- does not produce incorrect code with my theme, it’s my choice to replace the stack with PaySnap. Yuzool does not offer refunds, so I’ve effectively paid $199 for a $39 appointment stack. Life marches on…

Thanks for the update @tvalleau however the problem that I have been experiencing is around the SKU field that the Checkout 2 stack requires. Unfortunately Stipe no longer support this use of SKU’s and I’m not aware of Yuzool updating the stack to reflect this ( despite notifying them on numerous occasions ).