ZipList 2 stack install issue

I am having a ZipList 2 stack installation issue in RW7.5. I purchased the stack earlier today and have “installed” it several times into RW7.5. In other words, when I click the Stack install as usual I receive a message indicating that it is installed. However, it appears nowhere in the Mirage 5.01 theme I also installed earlier today.

So, I unsuccessfully through the process several more times, receiving the message that it is already installed, and asking if I want to replace it. Say yes, but still no luck.

Is the stack only intended for RW 8? Or is there some kind of issue with my install of RW7? Seems to be working okay, generally.

Have you tried restarting your Mac and then starting RW again to see if it turns up in the Stacks library?

Stacks like ZipList require the Stacks plugin from Yourhead Software:

The version of RapidWeaver being used is largely irrelevant. What is a lot more important is you have a newer version of Stacks (preferably v3.x) on your computer.

This information I published might help you:

Clicking to install often fails for a lot of people. I recommend dragging and dropping to the dock.

Thanks to you all ifor your thoughts. It was related to the Stacks folder. While the stack was installed, it was not placed in a folder that RW would access.

Interestingly, I came across the solution when I read in an unrelated post about using OPTION COMMAND 7 in RW to see the folders where stacks and themes are stored. It was a simple matter of pasting the stack into the right place.

This was a godsend, since I have also read that so many users get frustrated when trying to see where things are.

Thanks again.

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For whatever mysterious reason, some stacks are initially installed at ~/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/Stacks, which as you alluded to is incorrect (at least for OS X Mojave).

I installed SeyDesign’s SS3 stack (gallery images) earlier today. On the RW8 restart it was nowhere to be found in the stacks library list. While attempting to figure out why the stack was not appearing in RW, I came across this thread on an internet search. Once reading your reply, I investigated further.

Here’s the correct location for Stacks: ~/Library/Group Containers/ Support/Addons/Stacks/

I moved SS3 and a few other stacks from their originally installed incorrect location to the correct location, restarted RW and all is good. Curious why any stack would find its way to the incorrect file location.

@2stepbay - You should really really report these install issues to Realmac Software. I think too often they get swept under the rug because people assume that they are a problem with Stacks and they don’t cause a crash (which get sent back to Realmac automatically).

There is clearly some issue there and it’s existed for years – but continues to go unfixed. :-(