Ziplist "legacy"?

Hi, I tried to start working on an old site which is using Ziplist ; Ziplist is listed as “legacy” in RW8 and not working at all. I suppose I missed something…
Thanks for your help.

Sorry, but I don’t know anything about ZipList being marked as “legacy” or offer an explantation for it to have stopped working for you.

It sounds like you are using a much older version of the stack from a time long before I took over development of the SeyDesign addons.

The latest version of ZipList is version 2.3.0 and can be purchased here:

The ZipList v2 stack is not marked as “legacy” anywhere for me and definitely does work in RapidWeaver 8.

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Thanks for the fast reply. I checked in the application support/addons/stacks folder. I found two Ziplist stacks (version 1.2.8 and version 2.2.0)
I must have been using version 1 from the beginning…

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v1 has been obsolete and unsupported since 2016.

v2 is the newest version which receives regular updates.

2.3.0 is the latest version of this stack (as of January 2019).

The update from v1 to v2 is a paid update. All instances of the stacks will require creating again, to fit around the newer GUI controls that Stacks uses. The advantage now is the ability to add any number of list items and drag them into a new order. In the old version, you had to delete and rebuild your list each time you wanted to add or delete an item.

I realised I had paid for the upgrade. The only thing I am missing is the number of items that could be generated from the menu. More simple IMHO.

Not sure what you are asking for. But as I said above, the UI is all new in v2. You now press the blue ‘+’ button to add items to your list.

If you take another look at the product page, you will see the setup procedure documented in simple steps there.

There is now no limit imposed on the number of items you add to your list. Items are easily dragged and dropped into any order.