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Does anyone know if there is much of a difference between Super Forms 1.7 and the current V2 and is it worth upgrading?

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I don’t actually remember how the previous version was, but v2 is truly a powerful stack. One thing I needed to accomplish with another form stack, but couldn’t, was to specify certain dates that shouldn’t be selectable. I found that Superform 2 could handle this. Moreover, you can design attractive auto-reply emails directly within the stack itself. There is one thing that I miss in the auto-reply feature, namely the ability to copy the form result into the reply email to the customer. I mentioned this to Jonathan, and he said this is not possible. However, he suggested it could be achievable using the Siphon stack, though I haven’t tried that yet.

When used in combination with Siphon and the incredibly powerful Configure stack, the potential of Superform 2, Siphon, and Configure used together seems boundless. I am not sure if many people realize the astonishing capabilities that can be unlocked with these three stacks in tandem. Like for example advanced customer surveys and powerful interactive ways to compute customer input.

Additionally, the stack integrates with Google Sheets, which is a fantastic feature. This allows you to bypass the typical database procedures and rely on Google Sheets. Given that Google Sheets offers query functions, it can essentially be used as a makeshift database, enabling you to work with your data directly.

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@Kent Thanks for your reply. I bit the bullet and purchased and now the forms on the site seem to be working again since I swapped out to V2 - I had issues with V1 after I updated to php v8.3

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I think Superforms 2 is a good stack (and, while I haven’t used it with Siphon or Configure, I have both those stacks and am excited to try). It does have one drawback, though — in common with lots of other stacks — and that is that it specifies the width of input fields in pixels. Now, it’s not as if I am an apostle for responsiveness, but the reality is that everything I am building now is responsive, and a fixed size form really doesn’t fit well in that. I tried various CSS over-rides, but the size of the inputs in SF2 seems to be coded in the JS. So in the end I hacked the stack to change it to work with percentages, and it now does what I want. (In fact, all I really need is for it to be set to 100%, and thus size with the container it is in).

It would be less user-friendly, I know, but if all stacks either gave a choice of units or — better still, from my point of view — let users input the amount and the unit together (changing the field in the HUD from ‘number’ to ‘string’), that would fit better with where we are with the web today. Because increasingly I’m using responsive units (vw mostly, but also cqw) and increasingly I’m using these with calc, or clamp or min-max etc. (and indeed in conjunction with fixed sizes at the extremes) to get the responsive behaviour I want. I don’t expect devs to facilitate all of this, but it’s a bit annoying when their products actually restrict it.